Our medical house calls in senior living group can help your assisted living, independent living, memory care community or CCRC provide high quality, friendly care to your residents by being a reliable partner to your nurses, caregivers, administrators and admissions team.

The home-based primary care medical house calls model has been shown to increase average length of stay for assisted living communities, decrease hospitalization rates and to increase rates of advance care planning by over ten-fold.Kronhaus NC med journalEffects of HBPC to High Risk Elders on Medicare Costs

Many senior communities have also experienced an increase in occupancy rates, since more families looking for a domiciliary residence select a home that provides integrated medical expertise in order to help you facilitate aging-in-place. We are currently the medical house calls in senior living partner of choice for over one hundred senior communities, and are adding new communities all the time.

We aim to convene interdisciplinary group meetings at senior living communities on a regular basis to help get all stakeholders working in concert to best support your resident’s care. Our providers and care management coordinators will meet with your nurses and leadership, and will include other preferred partners of your community such as home health, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, home care, palliative care, hospice and others. This approach has been shown to significantly increase goal-directed care and rates of advance care planning.

If you would like to partner with Western Reserve Medical Group at your senior community, please call us at (800) 807.6555.